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KittyKorner Bliss Brush

KittyKorner Bliss Brush

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Self-Grooming Bliss for Cats

Welcome to Effortless Grooming with the KittyKorner Bliss Brush - The Innovative Brush That Turns Every Corner into a Cat Spa.

Self-Grooming Design for Independent Cats: Easily mounted on any wall or chair corner, the KittyKorner Bliss Brush allows cats to self-groom by rubbing against it. This autonomous grooming means your cat can enjoy the bliss of brushing anytime they like, promoting independence and satisfaction.

Collects Loose Fur to Reduce Shedding: As your cat enjoys rubbing against the brush, it effectively captures loose fur, significantly reducing shedding around your home. This helps keep your living space cleaner and more comfortable, both for you and your pet.

Massaging Bristles for Health and Pleasure: The brush is designed with soft, yet durable bristles that massage your cat’s skin, stimulating circulation and providing a relaxing experience. This not only feels great for your cat but also promotes a healthier coat and skin.

Easy to Install and Clean: The KittyKorner Bliss Brush comes with a simple mounting system that can be attached to any corner, and it's just as easy to detach for cleaning. This convenience ensures your cat’s grooming area remains hygienic and enjoyable to use.

Encourages Natural Grooming Behavior: This brush is perfect for cats who love to rub and scratch, offering a safe and satisfying outlet for their natural grooming instincts. By providing a designated spot for these behaviors, it helps protect your furniture and walls from scratches.

The KittyKorner Bliss Brush is not just a grooming tool; it’s a self-service spa for your feline friend. Ideal for busy pet owners and independent cats, this brush promises a clean, happy pet and a hair-free home.

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